Saturday, July 12, 2014

Four Random Things. In Order of Bad To Good.


Why is it when one is madly preparing one's house for a Spanish home exchange family, things like this inevitably happen?  There I was, in my kitchen, minding my own beeswax, when I noticed one of the buttons on my dishwasher's control panel was askew.

"Hmmm,"  I thought.  "That's weird.  It wasn't like that yesterday."

So I did what any sane person would do.  I pushed it.  I prodded it.  I stuck my fingernail between the buttons and tried to flick it back into position.


The dishwasher repairman is coming on Tuesday.

So now our dishwasher will only wash the dishes on Power Scrub Plus.


The daylilies in my garden are so pretty right now.

Hemerocallis 'Dancing Veils'

I bought this double daylily many years ago on Mayne Island.


The super moon.  This is not a good picture and it was taken a couple of nights ago but I am anxiously awaiting the biggest moon of the summer.  I am so excited that Joe and I have borrowed a tent and are planning to sleep outside in our backyard tonight!  Camping at its finest.



Last night Joe and I went downtown to take in the new Friday night summer festivities.  I don't know if we went too late or too early, but the streets were pretty much empty.  So we decided to change plans.  We grabbed some pizza from the wood-fired pizza truck that was parked on the main drag, picked up a couple of cold beers from the nearby liquor store and headed to Nexen Beach to have our supper there.

While I was waiting in the car for Joe to get our pizzas, I watched as a couple walked by a lovely girl playing her guitar on the sidewalk.  They stopped in front of the young busker and spontaneously began to waltz.

Such a sweet moment.

Suppers at the beach are the best.

So this has been my life for the past few days.  Full of good things.  (I can't even count wrecking the button on the dishwasher control panel as a bad thing.  Just an inconvenient thing.)  I hope your week has been full of good things too!

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