Sunday, May 25, 2014


I love a road trip.  The kind where you throw a few clothes in a bag, jump in the car and go.  We were lucky enough to do just that last weekend.  Friends invited us up to their cabin on Little Shuswap Lake and we were out the door the next morning.

We decided to take the slow and scenic route through this fair province of ours to reach our destination.   It even involved a sleepover at my youngest sister's home and a visit with an old friend.  We stopped all along the way; going for walks, snapping photos, eating at old hotel restaurants in small towns.  Like I said, I love a road trip.

Green Lake and Whistler Mountain.

Mount Currie, Pemberton, B.C.

We stopped at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park to hike in to see the glacier.  We were surprised to see so much snow!  I only fell once on the icy trail.

Lower Joffre Lake and the glacier.

Duffy Lake and Mount Rohr

Seton Lake, Lillooet, B.C.

What is it about toasted white bread sandwiches eaten in roadside cafes that make them so damn delicious?

An overnight visit with some of my favourite people.

I hadn't seen this beauty in quite a while.  It is so great to connect with old friends!

And then there's this guy.  My nephew Fred.

Our weekend abode on Little Shuswap Lake.

Patio lanterns.



Beer tasting with hooded bottles.

First time kayaker.

Tile rummy.  I lost every game.

Good-bye Little Shuswap Lake.  Until we meet again.

And in other breaking news, many trees in my garden are blooming.

Tree peony.

Weeping Robinia tree.

Laburnum tree. 

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